Where Were You?

So this is the idea. We’ve all been touched by the tragedy of September 11th, in some way. Some of us watched it unfold on television, some saw the events first hand, and some lost loved ones. But while many of us have no immediate connection to the tragedy, we still share a kinship that keeps September 11th near to our hearts.

If you’re old enough, or like to study history, you know that after the shocking events of 1963 (when President John F. Kennedy was shot), everyone remembered exactly what they were doing at the moment they heard the news. September 11th strikes the same chord, where we remember very clearly what we were doing, where we were, who we were with, what we were thinking…

In 1963 America didn’t have an Internet. America didn’t have play-by-play newscasts recorded, pre-recorded or archived daily and readily available via a click or two of the mouse, or a tap of the finger. Today we do. So while it’s all still on our minds, it seems only natural we look for somewhere to put it down and share our stories with loved ones, friends, or even (and especially) perfect strangers.

Share your feelings. Share your thoughts. Share your story. And in this, let’s find a way to bring this nation together.


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