Date Submitted: 08/18/2002
Author Info: Dan (Bournemouth, Do, England) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I live in England so we are 5 hours ahead of the US. I was in my English class and the bell was about to go. We’d packed up and I put on my personall radio. I was listening to radio 1. The show was Mark and Lard. They’re like a comedie show and they always have sketches and comedy events going on. So when I heard them say, “2 planes have hit the world trade centre in new york” I thought it was part of a running joke. But then it crossed to news beat and I knew it wasn’t a joke. I remember just swearing out loud to myself. But I still thought it was just an accident involving light aircraft. I said to my friend dan curtis that 2 planes had hit the wtc. He was like, “no way” but i dont think he even knew what the wtc was. As I left the class room and went down the stairs I could hear people talking about it. People were excited. No one really knew how big this was. I walked down the hill to go home and was talking to my mate paul. He said he had seen it on the library tv. We were joking about it. We didn’t realise how bad it was. He got in his car and I carried on walking. I only live about 2 minutes from the school so i didn’t have far to walk. As I walked up another hill the radio was playing, Stereophonics, HandBags and cladrags. That song now represents the day for me. After the song ended I rember Mark (the radio dj) saying, “Thats the stereophonics, on a day when it seems wrong to be playing music as whats happening in america. When I got home I still didn’t quiet believe it. I went into the kitchen and my mum was there. she had a friend round and i said, “Is it true about the wtc’s.” She said, “what” and i said twoo planes have crashed into them. She thought i was joking and said oh yeah yeah in a sarcastic voice. I said no i’m serious. She realised I wasn’t joking. My mum her friend and I walked into the living room. I turned on bbc 1 and saw the two towers smoking. At the bottom of the screen it said. Breaking News. Two planes have crashed into the world trade centre and 1 into the pentagon in an apparent terrorist attack. We were all shocking and then we saw the infamous video of the second plane. I was so scared because they said that there were another 5 planes that had been hijacked. I rang my brother and told him the news. then my dad rang at about 4.30 saying he’d be late and i told him too. I remember thinking shit basically. This is bad. We’re all in trouble. But the most sickening thing about that day was watching a palestinian woman on the news crying in happiness and dancing about with kids, celebrating. I hope they cut Bin Ladens Balls off.


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