7 years ago on September 11th, 2001

Date Submitted: 09/11/2008
Author Info: Crystal (Hampton, Va - USA) 
Occupation: Internet Developer/Designer
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I still remember it like it was yesterday.. On this tragic day I was attending college as a freshman still trying to find myself in life. Little did I know my mindset was about to change. I had just gotten out of my 1st prd. class Art Design 101. I was walking outside to my 2nd prd class when another student came running up to me saying that they were going to bomb our school.. I was only 18 and had no idea of what was going on. I started to see numerous cars evacuating the campus. I sat down on a bench near by wondering what was going on and called my father. He breifly explained that their was a terrorist attack. I told him I was going to get off campus asap because he was about 30 minutes away. He told me “No stay there” I remember older students with cars just smiling and looking at me as if I was crazy. I sat there terrified and not knowing what was bound to happen. This made me upset even more tense. It seemed like an eternity had passed and finally when all the cars were evacuated about 20 minutes later my Dad drove up. I ran to the car and he told me about the tradegy. Needless to say, I was shocked beyond beleif when I heard the news and how he said he had seen the 2nd plane hit. All i could think about was how many got out and were there any children in those buildings. Our car ride home was silent. I am a sensitive and merciful person so this really touched me. Then I thought about my family in Brooklyn. My dad reasured me that they were ok.. The rest of the day, I basically stayed to myself because I felt this deep depression come over me as I started to get details of the events. I watched numerous channels covering the twin towers, pentagon and the heros that saved the plane from crashing into the United States capitol.. What touched me the most were the innocent toddlers and children on two of the flights that lost their lives. I sobbed all day and I will never forget the tapes that showed the rubble at night. It was almost sereal.I thought about the children with single parents that never made it back home. I thought about husbands that lost wives and vise versa and I thought about everyones eternal life because I am a christian. When the death tole went up I completly lost it. My mom held me like a baby for the first time in 6 years. I was never the same after that. Whenever I heard a plane hover over a building I was in I got quiet and prayed or looked out the window praying that it would not crash.. That fear lasted for 3 years. To this day I have a fear of flying. It has a great impact on me and on every anniversary I come to this site just to remember and pay my respect to whom ever wants to read stories like this. I kept saying never shall this happen again. I was afraid to go to my classes the next day. Close to 50,000 people could have been in those buildings but God was there on that day believe it or not. Yolanda Adams (a gospel singer was scheduled to record her cd near the twin towers. Her appointment was cancelled. She would not have made it. I will tell my future children about this we will go to the memorials and I will tell them the TRUTH that lies behind all of this due to my research over the years.. God Bless you all that have suffered a loss and to those like me who just dread this this day.


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