7th Grade Student

Date Submitted: 08/20/2002
Author Info: Breeze (Iowa - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I woke up getting ready for school like any other day. I walked upstairs at about 8:00 or so to eat breakfast, when I look at the T.V. I couldn’t believe it. I asked my mom what had happened she said she had no clue. I was standing there watching in awe, as my mom called my dad at work. Then out of the corner of the screen, I saw an object hit the second tower. The news anchors had no clue what had happened b/c they were facing the cameras. They turned around in the same shock and amazement as what I was feeling. My mom took me to school, listening to the radio the whole way. We watched T.V. in all of our class until 4th period came, and our principal asked the teachers over the P.A. to turn off the T.V.’s. That got us even more scared, b/c we wanted to know what he didn’t want us to see. What was so bad that we couldn’t watch it? I remember going to lunch with most of the girls crying, and their boyfriend tryig to comfort them. And all of the guys, who were usually out tearing up people on the football field, were really quiet and trying to help everyone out. I’ve always had a good Christian background, and down reports on the teaching of evolution in schools. I had studied very extensively on the seperation of Church and State, but will never forget out principal coming over the P.A. on the National Day of Rememberence, telling everyone to say a short prayer for those who were lost. I will never forget that day, nor will anyone among me. The next generation has seen what happened, and though we may not always seem ready to handle situations, this conflict will be resolved whatever way necessary. That was the day when everyone leaned together, and everyone learned about each other as a person.

Thanks and God Bless You,


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