8 Months old

Date Submitted: 11/02/2015
Author Info: Rachel (USA - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was only 8 months old and we lived in NC, like we still do. I didn’t know what was happening, my brain was too immature to remember anything. I don’t remember a single thing, the only things i know are what my Mother and Grandparents have told me. My Mother told me that on that day she was home while my Dad was at work, i have 2 older siblings (twins) that were 2 at the time. She was watching them while they were playing in the living room and i was sleeping. My grandmother called her and asked her if she knew what happened. Confused, she turned on the TV like my Grandmother told her and she said she was SHOCKED. They were on the phone when the second plan hit, she told me they were both crying and didn’t have any words. She told me my sister asked “Mommy, why are you crying?” “Mommy, what is wrong?” and she continued to tell her “Nothing baby, i’m fine.” After they hung up my Father called and asked if we were ok and she said “Yes.” I’m not sure what their whole conversation was like but i know that they were both concerned even tho we live FAR from NYC, they knew planes were going all over the country so they didn’t know what could happen. She told me she went to the back door and looked up at the sky, she told me she was so terrified of what could happen. I can’t imagine how i would have reacted if only i was old enough to understand what was happening. When i was around 8-12 i was SO scared of storms, sicknesses, getting hurt, etc. I still am quit scared of sicknesses and what the future holds. But with all the fears i had AFTER 911, i can only imagine how scared i would have been if i was around 8-12 when all that happened. In a way i am glad i didn’t understand, in another way i kinda am curious of how it would have been too see all of this happening live. I have done A LOT of research since i found out what 911 is. I think i was about 8 when i heard about it, i wasn’t very interested at first because he sounded scary and….typical. Between the ages of about 12 till now (14 1/2) i have looked up story’s of people in their home towns on that day, people in NYC on that day, people who survived on that day, people who saved people on that day, people who talked to people before they died that day, basically any type of research you could do on 911, i have done. I don’t know why i have, something about it just interests me so much. Maybe it is that fact that that was the biggest, worst, scariest, craziest thing that has ever happened on American Soil. The idea of it being such a huge thing and so many people having died, they people who experienced what they did in the towers, the people who ran for their lives when the towers collapsed. There are just so many unimaginable things that happened on that day, too important and amazing not to hear about. Even tho i din’t lose anyone, and even tho i didn’t understand what happened at the time and i didn’t live in NYC, it saddens me so much that so many people lost their lives. So many “Hero’s” lost their lives trying to save other people. It saddens me to think that someone could be so selfish and jealous of OUR Freedom…that they would kill thousands of people and take away too historical beautiful buildings, just to “get back” at our country. America stands strong, even tho they took our towers, we have a New, Stronger, Taller tower, and more understanding hearts. God Bless America.


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