9-11-01 a sad day for all of us in this country

Date Submitted: 09/28/2006
Author Info: Marissa (MASSILLON - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

On 9-11-01 I was in the 5th grade. I remember that day soooooo well I remember that the birds were out and the sun was out and it was BEAUTIFUL day. But before I tell you my story about 9-11-01 I will tell you 10 days before 9-11-01. See on 8-20-01 dad, his girlfriend and me went to Washington D.C. on 8-31-01 we were supposed to fly but we didn’t.


I walked into school and I saw my friend sitting on the ground. So I sat down with him and I asked him what is the matter. He didn’t answer I never thought that the next memory would affect my life. He lefts his head and tears were coming down his face, I looked at him and said,”What is the matter?” he looked at me and said,”A plane hit…” I looked at him and said,”A plane hit what?” he looked at me and said,”A plane hit the World Trade Center” I looked at him and I thought he was kidding because I never thought in my life that a terrorist attack would ever happen to this country. So my friends came over to me and did you hear what happened? I said,”Yes but the only thing I heard was a plane it the World Trade Canter and that was it” I looked at my friends and I said,”When did this happen?” they said,”At 8:46” I looked at the clock and it was 8:49. So we go upstairs and my friend left and so now it was Cruz, Susan and me. I opened the door and I saw the TV on and some kids were crying some had there heads down and some looked like they were praying. I sat down and looked at the clock and it was 9:01 and 2 minutes latter we saw the 2 plane hit the World Trade Center 2. I couldn’t believe that plane hit the WTC. And then our teacher come to us and said,”If you go to Mrs. Plamer’s class go now” so we did and Cruz was crying he looked at me and said,”Are we going to WAR?” I looked at him and said,”No” so we went in to Mrs. Plamer’s class and there we was the people fell out of the WTC 1. Then we heard that a plane was going to hit the White House I put my head down and started to cry. But THANK GOD that didn’t happen it hit the Pentagon, Cruz looked at me and said,”Are we going to WAR? I looked at him and said,”I don’t know we might” (if I know what the Pentagon was I would have said yes) then at 9:59 the WTC 2 went down that was really sad. then at 10:10 flight 93 went down and 7 of them are our heroes. then at 10:28 the WTC 1 went down and that was the saddest thing I ever saw. Everyone was crying even Justin. Justin was a Christian but he died on 5-30-04.


Today we mark the 5th year anniversary of 9-11-01 and boy is it sad. I met a boy his name is Jesse and on 9-11-01 he went the WTC on 9-11-01, and to make that even sadder his friend died. He was crying his butt off when we marked that day. After 5 years Jesse is still sad I can tell he is and I think how he is mad at his Jesus and God about 9-11-01 and about his friend. I still can’t believe that was 5 years like 3 weeks ago and 15 days ago. I will never forget that day, before 9-11-01 I took everything for granted and now I don’t. I love this country with my heart.


God bless the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and our troops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS Jesus doesn’t let anything happen that he wouldn’t know first because he knows everything before it happens.



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