Date Submitted: 09/12/2006
Author Info: Fernando (housto, Tx - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I woke up and got in the shower and washed my self it was fun.. the i got out of the shower and grabed my towel after that i went into my closet and picked out my outfit… like i always do and walked to school like every day i stopped to get a donut at the donut place then I stopped to talk to my friend and we started to walk to school and went to class that year i was in 4th grade…..and a few hours passed i was doing some math and the teacher turned the t.v. on and i got happy cus I thought we was wanna watch a movie…but then i saw somethin terrible happen the twin towers had collapsed i thoutgh that was the best movie ever but the i found out it was not a movie it was the news then i got scared and ask the teacher wat was going on she told me a lot of indian people took over the plan and crashed it int to the WTC i was in shock i wanted to cry but nothing came out of my eyes i guess i was in shock so bad nothing came out..
so myfriend mom came and picked my friend up.then my mom picked me up she just had bought a car so I as happy that we had got a new car….
then i went home and turned the t.v. on and nothing was on only the news so it sucked becouse i was bored so I went to sleep……


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