911 RIP!

Date Submitted: 08/30/2002
Author Info: Kerry (Edison, NJ - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

Well here’s my story. I was only in about a week of my first year at college. I am 19 years old. My friend and I were getting out of 930 class. And we thought we go to the college center to get some food. When we got to the center we saw everyone bye the big screen watching the news. We asked about what was on the tv. Someone said that the WTC got it by two planes. I didnt believe until the news showed the second plane go it to the bluiding. So my friend and I got something to eat, then went back to the tv and say that the penigon was hit too. All through this I am calling my grandmother (Who I used to live with at this point) to tell her what has been going on. Then we all found out that the school was closing. So I paniced. I called up my grandma. It took forever for her to come. All I was thinking about was my bofriend Greg. At the time we only started to go out about a week before that. He goes to school about 5 minutes from Newark airport. Anyway before that my grandma and I went to see if my uncle would be going to NYC cause hes a lung breathing doctor. We found out he wasnt going. Okay from where I NYC is only 20 miles away. Before this we coudl see the WTC from Rt. 9 or Graden State Parkway. So me and my grandma dieced to take Rt 9 to see what we can. All we saw was smoke all over. It looked like a bomb went off in Manahattan. I was really scared at this time. Both me and my grandma were crying. As we were almost home we heard a airplane mostly it was a jet cause all the other planes were grounded. So all we heard was a loud sound. So I said “go back were youc me from leave us alone”. Not knowing if it was good or bad. Then we were home. My sister called so me and grandma went to get her and again we took Rt. 9. When we got home I called up Greg and got him on the phone. I was so happy to hear is voice. I still now think of why these people who arent suppose to be bad people do something like this? It is so horrible. All those people just living there lives just got cut off cause of some dumbass across the sea thinks its a good thing. I wish it never happened and I am not the only one who thinks that. The whole world thinks that. I hope that the lives that have been lost will never ever be forgotten. They never died they are our heros ever single will except the jakers the had to died. Well I hope you guys like it. God rest hes soul on ever lost and living of the attackes of 9/11. All will live on. Sorry for the mispelled words.


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