A beautiful morning turns tragic

Date Submitted: 03/23/2010
Author Info: Sherry (Las Vegas, NV, USA) 
Occupation: Professional (Medical, legal, etc.)
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

It was about 6am on Sept 11, 2001. As I was laying in bed, snuggled up to my 10 month old little boy, I will never forget my mother running in to my room to tell me my brother had called. He wanted us to watch the news to see what was going on with the airports. He worked for Delta Airlines at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, NV and said the airlines have been grounded – no flights leaving at all. So we got up and tuned into CNN. I couldn’t believe what we saw! At first, we really thought it was a small cesna plane that went off track and crashed into the building. Even the newsman thought that too. It really looked like it was an accident, and the newsman was very calm and acted like it was “no big deal”. My mom called my brother to tell him the situation, and at that moment I saw the 2nd plane flying into the TV screen towards the Tower. I remember grabbing my mother’s arm and gasped saying “Mom!” Then it hit the building. I didn’t know what to do, or how to feel. I was in shock, because I knew at that moment we were being attacked. We cried, we cried hard. I didn’t know if or where they would attack next. I stayed home from work, I didn’t want to leave my infant son. I was scared for him to be in this crazy world. I was in shock most of the day. I also cried most of the day. I think the most bizarre feeling I remember was the sound of silence for 1 whole week. If you’ve ever lived by a major airport, then you can relate to airplanes flying overhead and the noise they make. We live under one of the major flight paths for MacCarran Airport. Airplane engines high above are normal noises and an everyday occurance in this area of Vegas. So much that when out of town visitors come they always say “It’s so noisy here, how can you stand it?” And our usual response was “What noise?”. While sitting outside one day, I notice something wasn’t right but I just couldn’t pin point it. And then it hit me..There was silence in the skies. Not one plane flying overhead. It felt so strange and eerie. It made me uncomfortable and brought back the reasons why we had this “silence”. I couldn’t sit outside that entire week. I can no longer watch what the world saw that day. It breaks my heart and I choose not to relive it again. My heart goes out to each and everyone who perished and their loved ones and friends. To this day, I pray for you. That you will find peace and strength knowing your loved ones are in a more beautiful place — Heaven. They’re waiting for you when its your time to join them. God Bless you all


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