a bible at the oral surgeon’s office

Date Submitted: 09/06/2011
Author Info: Susan (Dimondale, MI, USA) 
Occupation: Other
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

Sitting in the oral surgeon’s office waiting for my brother David to have his wisdom teeth removed,struck up a conversation with a woman in the waiting room. She said something told her to bring her bible on that morning to read. I thought “to each their own”. Her cell phone rang, she said “that is awful” and told me a plane hit the tower. We were thinking small plane and how sad that was. She received a call minutes later from her husband about the 2nd plane hitting the other tower, we both just looked at each other and the nurses turned on the TV and we realized how bad it was. Could hardly wait to get my brother home and call family members to talk to them. SO SAD! Never got her name, but will always remember that she brought a bible because something told her to on that terrible morning.


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