A day I will Never forget

Date Submitted: 03/26/2011
Author Info: Mary (Queens - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: Yes
Knew someone who perished?: No

I remeber on september 11 I was in 1st grade. My teacher was teaching us how to add and there was an announcement on the speakers and my principal said that there something going on in New york. After we heard that my teacher told us that we could have free time. As my firends and i were playing the principal came to my class and called my teacher into the hallway after a min or so then it was my turn to go into the hallway and when I got there my teacher said ” I was not in trobule we just need to talk” and they explained to me that my father is in the twin towers and he got traped. they walked with me to my mom who was waiting for me with my sister they were both crying after I saw them I relize that it was no joke. when we got home I went straight into my room ans started to cry. Later that day I came out of my room and went to my mom who was sitting all by herself while listing to the police scaner I went by her and asked ” do you think he is ok” she looked at me and said I hope so and started to cry. It was getting late and I walked my mom to vher room and gave her a hug instead of sleeping in my room my mom vasked me if I could sleep with her I said sure. That night after it was all over I would say around 2 in the morning we got a phone call my mom answerd it and then told me to go back to bed and i did that morning I felt someone kissing me when i open my eyes it was my father he explained to me that he got traped and the were able to save him. When I heard that I gave hiim a Big hug and went to school that what I remeber Of 9/11


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