A day that lasted a lifetime!

Date Submitted: 06/24/2011
Author Info: Mia (Fredericksburg - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was a 3rd grader at the school were peace was the law of the land Mt.Rainier Elementary School. It was a normal day, just siting at my desk doing work when some random kid would be called to go home. At the time you think “aaawww lucky, I want to go home too” and just get back to work but this day was very differnet in a matter of half an hour after the frist kid was called home more and more of the class was leaving. It was the oddest day of school in my life I think. My foster mom worked at a day care just up the road from the school so she could’t come get us (I have two other sisters) right way. By the time lunch came there were only four other kids in my class left out of 20 kids. When you went to the Cafe it was empty, no 5th grader or 1st graders, no one but a few kids who had’t been picked up yet. I knew something was wrong but being little I just brushed it off as an odd day and nothing more. When I got home (we did’t have a tv) I had completely forgoten the odd day I had and . . . well that it, untill middle school when it hit me again and I look back like “AH!”


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