A day unlike any other

Date Submitted: 08/11/2002
Author Info: Lesley (Bear, DE - USA) 
Occupation: Professional (Medical, legal, etc.)
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: Yes

I work at a large hospital. My shift began at 6:00 am on the morning of 9/11. It was business as usual until I received a phone call from my husband who was still at home telling me to turn on the tv news. His voice sounded strange and his tone was serious, so I did as he said. It didn’t take long before I too realized the seriousness of the situation – that this was something more than a terrible plane crash. I left the tv just long enough to get my supervisor and bring her into the room when we both witnessed the second plane hit the towers. Instinctively, we grabbed each other in horror. It was then that I knew that our nation was under attack. The feelings that I experienced that day and for days afterward ranged from fear to rage to sadness to concern. I slept very little and had the tv on day and night at first. Yet despite the tragic events and loss of lives on 9/11, I have today a greater love for my family, a stronger sense of patriotism and an enormous amount of pride in my fellow countrymen. There are firefighters and a police officer in my family, and I myself used to be an EMT. Those who died helping others on 9/11 deserve our utmost respect God bless them all.


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