A Feeling

Date Submitted: 08/28/2002
Author Info: Michelle (Chandler, IN - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

Imagine getting ready for school one morning, and having a bad feeling in your chest that something was going to go very wrong. This is what I felt at 6:00 A.M. on the morning of September 11, 2002. I did not know what to expect, but it was almost the same feeling I had the same morning of the day I found out my father had passed away. It is not something I look forward to feeling, ever!

I remember going to school– late, as usual– and sitting down in Algebra class. I did not realize that anything had gone wrong until I had gotten to my second period class. My best friend told me that her teacher had informed them that a –meaning one– plane had flown into one of the twin towers. It was not even a whole thirty or fourty minutes until my English teacher came running in the class room telling us to turn on the TV. “The Twin Towers have just fallen –I mean, they just aren’t there anymore,” she exclamed.I was shocked, and could not believe it. My heart sunk immidiatly. I knew that was what I had been expecting all morning, but was hoping to be wrong about.

I went to my next period class not wanting to believe it. But, when I got there, my teacher was very upset. He knew someone that was flying out of New York that morning. I believe the reality of the situation hit me that very moment, and I realized how many people have and were going to die within a few moments. It saddened me greatly. I could not smile. I could not joke. I coudl not even look at anyone, because I felt as if I was going to start crying. Then, the whole class decided we were going to go outside and say a prayer together. After the few words we could choke out, I felt hope rising in me. I knew our nation was not going to let this bring us down.

The whole day I felt depressed, shocked, and scared, somewhat. But, I knew things had to move on. I started crying when I got home, and I did not know why! I did not know anyone that died, but I felt connected to them and their families somehow. I thought that if I cried for them a little, they would not have to cry so much. Afterall, I had just lost my aunt and my father three months apart two years before. I realized what so many people where going through.

I raised my head up, talked to a few people, and started thinking of ways to help. Since I was only sixteen at the time, I could not do much but give a little money and share my feelings. However, I sat down and wrote the best poem of my life. This poem helped many people understand things, and, most importantly, it gave them hope. It has been almost a full year, and we are still as strong as before– with some minor changes, of course.

Thanks for reading My story,

P.S. (I designed a background and everything on my computer by myself for the poem, but I can’t put it on here. So, I’ll just type it– boring!) Here is the poem I wrote:

The Comforted Fall
By: Michelle *******

“What lies beneath the hustle and bustle?
The sweat and regret?
The tears and the fears?
The charred and crumbled remains
Of what stood so proudly with its name?

We know it is not the nation that is beginning to wilt.
For we have automatically becuome a massive quilt.
All races, religions, democrats, and republicans
Have come together in sections
To get the nation rebuilt.

The quilt has made us strong,
And more determined than ever to move on.
Nothing can stand in our path
Of finding and puishing who ever created this wrath
Upon a country who is open to others with love
And which sent so many innocent people up above.

For now we can only hope to find
The ones buried and hanging on to their lives.
Our nation and the world has so much hope,
And everyone is helping each other cope
With this horrendous act of terror.
Now we can only take part in prayer.

So bow your head and make no mistake.
No soul will get away with changing other’s fate!
God bless America and those who are doing their best.
Those who are helping us all get through
The most challenging threat, yet.


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