“A hero is a man who does what he can.”- Romain R.

Date Submitted: 03/09/2012
Author Info: Loegan (Miami - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

On September 11, 2001, I was six years old, and in the 1st grade. That morning is probably one of the few vivid memories I have from when I was a child – It was like any other school day. My Dad headed to his job, and my Mom took my sister and I to school and then headed to work. School started, and my 1st grade teacher started with her class. After she took attendance, she then took us to our first class of the day, Art. After Art class was done, my teacher asked me if I wanted to be the line leader. I said yes and was extremely excited (as most kids usually are when their teacher asked them to lead the line) – We then all got into a line and procceded back to our class. As my teacher was unlocking the door, all of us were waiting against the wall, when all of a sudden I noticed that the Kindergarten teacher next door come outside, and immediately started talking to our teacher. Since I was the first in line and the closest to their conversation, I overheard what was being said. The Kindergarten teacher asked our teacher – “Did you hear about the plane that crashed into the World Trade Center?” – When I heard that I started going around to my classmates in the line telling them that “A plane just crashed into the World Trade Center” – I had no idea exactly what I was saying, all I was doing was repeating what I had just heard, knowing that is was something important. After that occured, I remember going back into the class, and at the end of the day being picked up by my Mom, and heading back home. In the evening my Mom and Dad had the T.V. on, and were watching the news. I remember being a little curious as to what was on the T.V. and catching glimpses once in a while, but again, not understanding everything that had occured, only knowing that something did happen, and it was sad.

I am now seventeen years old, and can honestly say that I do understand why this day is a day that should never be forgotten. Over the past six years, I have taken it upon myself to learn about that day. I have read many books, watched many documentaries, and have spoken to many people about that day. Never Forget. I pray for the families who have lost their loved ones, and pray for all of the heroes of that day, and the heroes of today – the men and women who are protecting our country everyday. September 11th, 2001 is a day that I will always remember.

-Thank you so much for reading my story.

God Bless you all, and God Bless America<3 🙂


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