A Long Way From Home

Date Submitted: 08/20/2002
Author Info: Blake (Huntington - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: Yes

On September 11th, I was attending my second year of college at York College of Penn. about 250 miles from NYC and about 275 from my home on Long Island. That Tuesday I had my macro economics class from 8 to 9:15. I do not remember what time it was but a student left to go to the bathroom, but when he returned he informed the class that a plan had struck the first World Trade Center tower. Our teacher let us out early so we could watch the tv stationed in the lobby. We got out and started to watch the tv, thinking that some dumb pilot screwed up really bad and hit the building. Soon after we all saw on live tv, as it happened, the second plane hit. Just seconds before the plan hit we saw it flying close and most people said “What the hell is that plane doing!!” Then we saw it strike and realized that it wasn’t a few pilots screwing up and that this was done on purpose. About 100 people speechless watched the tv as we saw people leaping out of the windows to avoid the fire. It makes you sick to see it. After that I drove home to my apartment off campus to call my dad because while he was not a permenant worker at the world trade center, his company often deal with other companies in that building and he often travelled to the buildings. I tried his cell phone but got no answer. The only thing I could think of is I talked to him a few nights ago and he mentioned he was going to the World Trade Center for business and I had feared it was this day. After about 3 hours of trying different phone numbers I finally got in touch with my mom to tell me that my father was not there but he was to be there one week later at 8:30 for a meeting with a perspective client on the 90th floor, give or take a few floors, on the second tower that was hit. It took a couple days to realize how big this whole situtation was. I knew it happened because I saw it with my own eyes but at the same time I couldnt believe it. It just so unbelievable to look at the images on tv and believe what just happened. Driving home in October, crossing the Verranzeno bridge I got my first real life image of the city with out the twin towers and sometimes you dont know what to even think of it. Over the next few weeks after September 11th I found out that the Town of Huntington, where I live, lost 19 people on that day, mostly lawyers and stocker brokers. One of the stock brokers lived on my street and had two little children.


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