A Normal Day like any other Until…

Date Submitted: 07/10/2009
Author Info: Teddy (Woodside, NY - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: Yes
Knew someone who perished?: No

The bright and crisp Tuesday morning was one I will never forget. I woke up at 0700hrs got ready, ate some toast, said my prayers and went to school two blocks down the street. I was in 5th grade with about 25 other children. The normal day began with socializing among friends and playing handball. When the bell rang, we were escorted to our class from the yard by the teacher. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited the Anthem was sung and a few tedious announcements were made by the principal. After that the teacher started lecturing us on grammar and writing notes on the board I had to copy into my notebook. This was between 0830 and 0845. At 0850 the counselor from the first floor went to my teacher and told him to flip on the television. She said there was some sort of explosion in the city. On the TV, we saw the twin towers, one of which had smoke trailing from the top. It was an accident we thought. Other teachers and their classes came to our room to watch the news throughout the day. At 0903 we saw the second plane hit the other tower which subsequently there was a huge fireball. The teachers were worried and were muttering about war, terrorism, etc. Everyone was appalled. It was like something out of a movie trailer but very much surreal. This was no accident. At 0920 we saw a gaping hole in The Pentagon. Like a tomahawk missile penetrated right through. A lot of lives were being lost and this made some worry so anxiously to the point of crying. During lunch we couldn’t go outside for recess. It was eerily silent. When we came back from lunch we learned both Towers collapsed there was black smoke and people covered in soot some also bloodied. It was truly awful. We also learned of a plane crash in PA. My friends got to go home early because their parents snatched them quickly. After school I went to my aunts house. She lived on the 6th floor and through here window you could see the skyline. Then and there I saw a black cloud of smoke where the Towers once stood. It was a hell of a sight I’ll never forget.I was thankful that everyone I knew who was in the city that day was alright. But I also felt sorrow for those who perished that fateful day. May the perpetrators of this horrendous genocide against humanity be brought to justice and may we all strive towards a free and peaceful society hinged on The Constitution.


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