a soldier’s story

Date Submitted: 06/17/2002
Author Info: Anthony (FT BRAGG, NC - USA) 
Occupation: Government/Military
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was in the Army at the time. It was a normal day. I had to get up early as hell, do P.T., then get prepared for the work day. I was with my section in the motor pool, when a guy from my section told me that the World Trade Center was bombed. I was like, “Damn…really?” I tried to call my dad, who lives and works in New York, but couldn’t get through due to a “emergency in the area” I ran over to where a radio was playing, but couldn’t hear anything over all the noise of other soldiers. I went back to work, and not too long after, someone told us that the Pentegon was attacked. Thats when shit hit the fan. The Pentegon! We all thought for sure we were going to war within a couple days. The Pentegon! We all rushed back up to the company area. Everyone at the company was running around like crazy. Radios had to be filled, deployment bags had to be packed. There was rumors that we would be deployed in a matter of days. I went into the Day Room, and watched the horrific events on the tv. I watched the president’s adress on tv that night, then left post to get something to eat. It took us three hours to get back on, due to new security measures. I will never, never, forget that day.


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