A UK Cop remembers 9.11

Date Submitted: 09/10/2003
Author Info: Mark (Wrexham, England) 
Occupation: Professional (Medical, legal, etc.)
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

After hearing of so many people say to me that they knew where they where and what they were doing when JFK was assasinated I used to think “Wow that must have been some event to reach so many people accross the world like that”.
Little did I realise that on September 11th 2001 something on the same parallel would happen top me.

To me it was an ordinary morning in Wrexham, U.K. playing a round of golf with my friend Craig. I clearly remember heading towards the club house when the owner said to us that a plane had flown into the W.T.C. I remember thinking “What a terrible accident to have happened.”
I then went upstairs to the club house, as was usual. The television was on and everyone was watching the news unfold.

I think I must have stood in front of the T.V. for an hour just watching the news unfold on both American and British news channels.

When it became apparant that terrorism was the cause, and that further hi jackings had taken place a mass of mixed emotions hit me, shock, bitter sadness, anger, and total bewilderment.

I remember trying to put it all into perspective what exactly what had happened – that humans can actually commit such atrocities to fellow humans.

The images of people throwing themselves out of the towers was heart wrenching, it’s something I will never forget to my dying day, and I will never forget Dave saying to me “A plane has hit the World Trade Centre”……..little did I know then what was about to unfold.

Mark Griffiths UK citizen.


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