All Too Real!

Date Submitted: 09/10/2002
Author Info: Tessa (Lewisberry, PA - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

HOw do you even start to describe the mind numbing incident of that september 11. Lifes where altered to go by the quote “Lifes short so live it up”! I was 17 at the time and was attending my local high school. I was outside with my fitness class playing sports, having the time of my life, enjoying life. Not knowing the in a matter of minutes would my whole perception on life and this world change completly. Entering the school after the game my class and I walk down the halls. Pearing into every class we saw people crying or in complete daze with there eyes glued to the TV that was placed in every class room in the school. We entered the class room and turned on the TV in our room curious as to what had gotten the attention of every human being in the building not prepared for what we where obout to witness. An airplane had collided with a twin tower, while the other burned right next to it.

My whole world went dark, my body went numb. I couldn’t help but to cry. How can life be so cruel. A few minutes ago I was enjoying america to its fullest, and now i was sure it was all going to be brought to an end. Thinkg about everything i learned about pearl harbor and many wars. I was terrified. The shock had not set into most of us at school. We all walked out with blank expressions on our face. The twin towers, the pentigon, and an airplain crash bout two hours out of where we lived. We where all within 15 min of a local nuclear power plant. At ages 14-18 we where all sure our lives where at an end and new there was nothing we could do about it. For weeks on end all we did in school was watch news reports and the presidents speaches. For weeks we lived a life not custom to america. Lived a life that wasn’t in the constitution … we lived in fear.

To this day I cry. The thought of so many innocent children who wheren’t ready to go. So many adults who didnt ask to die. Had parished without vanity. And now many people are left all alone. Kids without parents/parents without kids. So many homes where torn apart. And so many homes have been heald. It’s pathetic and disgusting that it took our nation (the strongest nation) something of great magnitude to bring us all together. But my heart and soul goes out to all of those who lost there lives that day who made this nation realize that time on this earth is to be charished, time is short. Live it while you can, because one day you could be looking at the man or woman of your life, and the next day there gone. Its to much to lose. The only one phrase of wisdome comes to mind after semptember 11:

If you where to live 100 days id ask to live 100 minuse one, so that i would never have to live a day without you!



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