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Date Submitted: 12/22/2001
Author Info: Shane (Orlando, FL - USA) 
Occupation: Other
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

For the time that it took the terrorist cells to configurate this devilish plot to destroy the heart of New York City, it took longer to build the families of the perished. They did not know it was coming; they did not wake up that day and kiss there family goodbye for the last time… It was a normal everyday for them… their families suffer with an agony so deep it will burn forever in their hearts…

All who plan harm on others plan terror on their own life. It is not a joy to see thousands of families ruined and split up due to disgusting murder, it is a sin… and a work of scum which we all hope is filtered through the fiery depths of hell.

Many times I have said to myself I hate, I wish you were dead, I can’t stand, And I wish I could punch your face in… but words can’t describe what I wish, loath, and want to happen to those who are behind the acts of murder on our American families.

We must not let this burrow away in our minds. Those who died in this act of terror must stay alive in our minds. Keep all of their spirits alive for the sake of forgetting. We can’t let this become a memory this must be an everyday mourning. Not a mourning with down spirits but a mourning with spirits of love. These people who did this to us want us to be down. To all the families of the people who were lost in this act of a demon soul…

Forever in my heart will be your families and forever in my mind will be the disgusting thoughts of revenge on those behind the death of your families. I love America. United we stand and forever in our hearts we all lay. It is not a memory it is a love that we as Americans and as a United States family will share forever in our hearts……. Long live LOVE…….


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