Americas Tragedy Urged Wonderful Day

Date Submitted: 09/02/2002
Author Info: Amber (Aurora, CO - USA) 
Occupation: Sales/Marketing/Advertising
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

On the morning of 9-11-01, my boyfriend and I were unfortunately homeless. We were just walking our cart full of belongings along downtown Denver and the attitudes and moods of everyone around us changed considerably. It seemed everyone was scared of something. Some people were crying and some were just yelling “Oh God!” We had no clue what was going on. Then we asked a police officer and he said something bad happened in NY and it was on the radio. We turned on our radio and by the time we heard of it, the WTC and Pentagon had been hit and both WTC buildings were down. I still was unsure of the situation. Then all of a sudden, a huge crowd of people started pouring out of Denver’s WTC Center and the Independance Plaza. They were evacuating those buildings because of a fear some planes might hit them. That was the most terrifing time I have ever had. The whole day I was worried that planes would hit the buildings in Denver and we would be caught in the middle of it. This motivated us to find a place to live and it made us realize how much we mean to each other and how precious life is. It turns out we were Wed on May 11th and we have never been happier. I dedicate this story to all the families of the victims and the rescuers of 9-11 on the anniversary of Americas Tragedy. Please send congrats and comments to my e-mail.



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