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Date Submitted: 02/05/2012
Author Info: Joel (Sydney, NA, Australia) 
Occupation: Sales/Marketing/Advertising
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

It was around 11pm or 12am. I was staying up later then I should have, trying to avoid school – at the time I thought school was the worst thing possible.

I was watching Buffy, I was laying in bed, when it suddenly turned off and I was meet with a news report about a major incident in the United States. I saw myself faced with the picture of a tower on fire, people scared and it seemed know one was sure what was happening. I watched the report with a slight fear and great interest – this may sound harsh but I was very young, I did not realize what was about to happen.

In my mind I thought it was a accident – a foolish pilot had miss judged his course. How wrong I turned out to be – the moment I saw the 2nd plane hit, even as a young boy I knew something was very wrong.

I saw the first tower collapse on the news and was in complete shock and the saddest I had ever been. While I am Australian, I have complete love and respect for the United States as one of our greatest allies and I could tell they had been attached. I could watch no more and went to bed – little did I realize how much would change when I woke up.

RIP to all that fell that day. RIP to all the Australian, US, UK, Canadian and other soldiers that have lost their life to the fight against terrorism! May we one day live in a world where religion is treated as myth and human morality rules!


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