An European point of view

Date Submitted: 06/18/2006
Author Info: APPEL (Geneva, Switzerland) 
Occupation: Government/Military
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I’m a police detective in Geneva, Switzerland. I had worked on a very difficult case for months, case we solved on september 10th, late at night, so that I was able to take the next day off duty.

Because of the time lag between the USA and Europe, the disaster started in the afternoon for us. I remember being in my sofa, sleeping when the phone was ringing and ringing foe minutes before I could find the strength to answer it.
A friend of mine – also a policeman – told me to switch on my tv.

The minute I did that, the second plane hit WTC. I didn’t understand immediately what was going on but I watched tv for hours.

I have a very special link to the WTC. In fact, I’m a super Christmas Freek and I love that time of the year. Because of that, I went to NY twice in december 95 and 98 and lived the magic of that very special place at a moment when the whole world should celebrate in peace.

In 1998, my family had traveled to NY a couple of days before me. We then saw each others again at WTC’s restaurant, on top of the north tower, on Christmas night. It was beautiful celebrating that event in that place.

When 9/11 happened, I felt empty. Not only because it was a world wide catastrophy, but also because I remembered all the employes at that restaurant, working hard to make our eveing a special one. All these smiles, the gifts, the kindness.

As a policeman, I felt very connected with all the NY policemen, firefighter and rescuers who died during that event. Ma prayers go to all of them.

That level of horror chocs each and every on of us. Let us never forget taht day. God bless!


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