An unforgettable sunny day in Greece

Date Submitted: 09/11/2018
Author Info: Marco (venezia, IT, italy) 
Occupation: Other
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

We were on vacation in Rhodes in Greece. It was about 2 pm local, it was a very hot sunny day, and given the high temperature we were in
room or better in the bungalow that was about 2 minutes from the reception.
My girlfriend was in the bathroom and I was lying on the bed watching TV, without sound.
Jumping from one channel to another I arrived on a foreign channel where they showed the first of the two smoking towers, at first it seemed like a movie, then unfortunately, a caption, said live from New York.
At that point I called my girlfriend to see what was happening, and just as she sat next to me, scolding me for turning on the TV, we saw live the arrival of the second plane on the second tower.
We were petrified. At that point after having called my family in Italy, they thought it was a joke, I went to the reception of the village to see how they were taking, and instead, about fifty people, were watching an exciting and important game of tennis.
I had the remote control delivered by the bartender, and between whistles and curses, I changed the channel until you get to the CNN channel, and the audience was amazed and petrified.
Some burst out crying and running towards the beach, at that moment a media bomb had exploded on our village, perhaps because of me, that I wanted to share with everyone the disaster that was happening.
The next day, the airports were besieged by all the Americans present on the island while the rest of the tourists on all the beaches sang the American anthem.
It is an event that I can never forget in spite of myself.


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