Art History Class at WMU

Date Submitted: 01/08/2009
Author Info: Casen (Houston, TX - USA) 
Occupation: Professional (Medical, legal, etc.)
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I remember walking into an art history class on 9/11 at Western Michigan University. I had this pompous jerk for a professor. At the beginning of class he announced that, “2 planes have hit the World Trade Center in New York City.” That was all he said. He taught the rest of the class and at the end announced that the rest of the day’s classes were cancelled. I rushed home only to find out that our cable had gone out. It wasn’t until later in the day that I found out the true extent of what had happened. My cable continued to be out for the rest of the week, so I had to rely on internet news articles to keep updated on the facts as they came. Once the full extent of the devastation became aparent, it was hard to conceive of. To this day, it’s hard to look back at the youtube videos from news media and New Yorkers who document events as they happened.


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