At a Phoenix High School

Date Submitted: 09/11/2010
Author Info: Jeremiah (Phoenix - USA) 
Occupation: Customer Service/Support
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was in my Freshman year of high school. I was on the bus watching a small portableTV I borrowed from a friend a few weeks before. I was flipping through channels and saw the news of the WTC attack. I turned up the volume and hear the reporters say that a second plane crashed and that the pentagon had been attacked as well. everyone on the bus started to listen in on the news cast so I turned up the volume. Those who were able to see my tiny screen told the people behind them what had happened and every one sat down and just listened.

I got to school and the teachers were watching the news on the class room tv’s. The informed us that we were witnessing soemthing not witnessed since Pearl Harbor and to pay attention to the history in the making. We sat in class and by lunch most had gone home and my parent came to get me at about 1pm.


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