Camping and then…

Date Submitted: 02/27/2018
Author Info: Melissa (Richfield - USA) 
Occupation: Administrative
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

My husband and I had been camping on the North Shore in Northern MN, we were going to wake up and head over to the Superior, WI side on 11th. When we woke, we took down camp, loaded the car and we drove up the restrooms to clean up. I finished first and in the car was finding the college radio station that we like to listen to when we are up there.
I knew something was wrong when Peter Jennings was on the radio station. He was talking, but I wasn’t really listening until he was talking about the destruction in New York and DC. I sort of went numb then, my husband finally came out and we listened to him talk about the planes, the towers falling, etc.

I freaked out – I didn’t know where my brother was – he is an author and his publisher is in NYC, and at during the previous Summer he had been traveling there a lot.

We decided to just head home to South Minneapolis, because we didn’t really know what was going on. We stopped in Duluth to gas up and I called my mom. She answered and was crying – my brother was in Philadelphia and was safe. My sister and her family were living in Germany on the Air Force Base and was more than safe at that time.

As we were getting closer to our home we started to see the overhead highway signs saying – MSP Airport was closed, Mall of America closed (we lived about 3 miles from Mall of America and the airport). He was scary.

When we got home, first thing we did, was turn on TV (up until this point we hadn’t seen any pictures or video). We sat in silence for a long while trying to take everything in, and the numb and shocked feeling was even more.

That night when I finally went to bed – I remember telling my husband – “Wake me if something happens” because at this point, no one knew if anything else was going to happen.
It was very eerie that night as we lived in the flight path and always heard planes overhead – there was nothing. We heard a small plane from the Army flying overhead at times – but nothing else.


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