Class was Business as Usual

Date Submitted: 05/29/2002
Author Info: Maureen (Athens, AL - USA) 
Occupation: Accounting/Finance
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was in class, we were studying the methods of modern production management, not real exciting stuff, I was mostly doodling, others were dozing, and some were surfing the net.

A classmate by the name of Michael announced near the end of class that one plane had crashed into the WTC. No one could believe it, the scope of the action, at first we thought it was an accident, we went to all available computers and cell phones started ringing off the hook.
The instructor tried to carry on as usual, telling us there was time to do that stuff after class, but at that time it was too late.

Some started crying, I was dumbfounded, my friend called from San Francisco, and he was crying so hard I could hardly understand him, and a friend of ours was there, and watched the second tower fall.

When I went home I turned on every TV in the house, room to room upstairs and down images and stories on the news saturated my being. My girlfriend came over and we went to give blood, still in shock, scared of what this act of war really meant for the world and for America. We began praying for the 1000’s of life forever altered by the death, and the hundreds of millions of lives that would never be the same.

I still cry when I think of the tradgedies, in NY, D.C. and PA.

I define time now by 9/11 either before or after. I may be far removed from the sites of destruction, but my heart isn’t.


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