College Student too far from home NJ/NYC

Date Submitted: 09/04/2003
Author Info: Janet (Factoryville, PA - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

sleeping in my dorm in North East Pa that morning till my 10am class when people started to call our room and told us to turn on the t.v. and my rommie and i did. oh my gosh was this a movie or what? i called my mom right away and told her moment by moment what was happing. she did not have a t.v or radio at work so she too could not belive what i was saying to her then the 2nd plane hit when i was on the phone with her. i love NYC i have allways felt safe and had a blast in the city that never sleeps. i was crying and crying the city that is less then 45 min’s away was being distroyed right befor my eyes. i was able in high school to visit the top of the tower. i shall never loose the ticket stub or photos i took of the pre-9/11 WTC. i’m even crying now typing all this. i’m from central nj and on a clear day you can see the towers from the NJ trun pike. when the towers fell to the ground and thousands and thousands of people where MIA my gosh the lives lost for no reason but hate. the deleware gap was closed that day so no goig home for me. i was stuck to the t.v for more then a week watching and pinching my self is this real did this happen? i made the sad long trip home hearing the radio play songs of remebering all who is lost and what happend. flag at every bridge i went under on Rt.80 one large one as i came into NJ touched me
HOME nj happy to see family. happy to hear my friends father was safe after going down 68 floors of one of the towers. my boyfriend at the time we drove up rt. 1&9 to jersey city to see across the river the city we both love so so much. i saw my home town rescue squad there and to see for my own eyes the awful smoke in the lite where there once stood two tall towers. the candles lite the flowers the people there all with shock still on the faces. the very next day we took the path in hoboken to the city. we got off the subway to look up to see witch direction we had to go you use to see the tower and know witch way to go. all we saw was the smoke and that was the way we went. we walked as close as we could. the faces on the papers all over the city where ones of all the lost souls of the WTC. this was the very last time i have been in the city it’s 9/4/03 and in another week we will all remeber that day.

the flag of the USA has a new meaning to all of us
as a college student i think this event changed me for life my children and grand kids will know mommy/ grandma did visit the towers and her mom (my mom) saw the towers built both saw it brought down by hate.
God Bless all lost and all who will remember this even in life keep the memories strong on the city that never sleeps one day i will visit again

I LOVE YOU NYC!!!!!!!!!!


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