Dad: Someone blew up the world trade center

Date Submitted: 10/18/2002
Author Info: Florian (Brussels - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I just finished school. It was a day as every other was. I was a student in a high school in brussels. The school bell rang, I stood up and left school. I got into the bus, and suddenly my phone rang. It was my dad. “Terrorists attacked the World Trade Center, and the pentagon”. I was speachless. I didn’t know what to reply. I just had been on top of WTC a couple of month before, friends of mine work there, same with the pentagon. The idea of america just being attacked in a way like that was unbelievable. I couldnt believe it, i hoped he was kidding, but as I know my dad, I knew he wasn’t. my friend next to me, asked what’s wrong? The moment I told him, the bus suddenly went quiet. No one could believe it. No one talked the entire bus ride….

Once home, I spent hours in front of TV watchin the plane hitting the tower over and over again. So it did happen, the unbelievable thing, the US the most powerful nation as they always say was attacked.

Is it just fate that 911 is the american emergency number as well? I dunno, but 9.11 certainly changeed the view of the world in many aspect.

Let the victims rest in peace and the people responsible burn in hell.


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