dad survived pentagon attack

Date Submitted: 04/14/2002
Author Info: Rebecca (Mouth of Wilson, VA - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

i was at school at Oak Hill Academy Baptist Boarding High School in southwest Virginia thta morning. I was in my second period class when our principal Mr.Green came around to each classroom and told the teachers what was going on but to not tell us so as not to cause a panic. i had barely heard him say it but when i did i realized that my father was supposed to have ameeting in the pentagon that morning. After class they called us to our chapel on campus and told what was going on and they said that New York and Washington.DC was attacked and when i heard that i started to break down crying. After they let us go they said that anyone with family involved to report to our guidance counsler’s office to make phone calls to try to get a hold of them. I was full of panic by that time wondering where my dad was.
i tried to get a hold of my dad on his cellphone but the cell-phones were cut off at that time. my guidance cousler Mrs.Bailey told me to go to my next class and that she would let me know if she had heard anything about my dad.
so i went to my next class which was keyboarding and i tried to do my work but with tears streaming down my face it made it difficult for me to work.
each class went by without word from my dad and i kept thinking that i hope he is alive. but i was also ready for the worst. school had ended at 3:05PM and so i went back to Mrs.Bailey’s office and she told me that she had not heard anything but to get sit by the phone in my dorm incase he tried to call me there. hours went by with no word from my dad. At 5:45PM i started getting worried because it was dinner time at school and still there was no word from my father. i went back to my dorm after dinner and sat by the phone in case called as my dorm parent left the news channel on for me. Finally it was time for study hall when the phone rang and dorm parent answered it and said that it was my father so i was so relieved to hear his voice and that he was alright. He told me that he had made by the pentagon when the plane hit because he was running late. He said that he had not been inside the building yet.
That made me feel so much better and i was able to go through study hall without being upset since i knew that my dad was ok.


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