Date Submitted: 06/23/2002
Author Info: Cris (Surrey, BC - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I just woke up, and turned on my radio. Everything was silent, for about 3 seconds. The next thing I heard was awoman screaming “People are just jumping out of the buildings…as if it’s the better choice!” It was hard to hear over the screaming and noises in the background over the NYC street! My eyes opened wide, I was terrified, I had no clue what was happening while i was sleeping! I opened my door and ran out of the room, my brother was still sleeping and my parents had both already left for work. I turned on the tv and every channel had these horrible pictures of these two buildings burning. I never knew what the trade’s towers were before that day. I read on the bottom of the screen “America’s New War – New York City, Trade’s Towers” My heart stopped! I knew New York was a lovely, and well populated city, I knew right then many were dying!

I flipped the channel and they were showing the pentagon and the pen. crash! I was scared for my life even though I live on the West coast and in Canada! They then showed the towers again and the first plane hit, by now I was already in tears, then shortly after they showed the second plane! They went back to live, and showed the people jumping (like the women on the radio had said), I couldn’t take it anymore, I got on the computer, I have many friends in the states, but none were on! I woke my brother up and left for school! I meet up with my friends, surprisingly only two of us knew what was happening!, theother one that knew was waiting for me to tell everyone, I asked them all if they heard what was going on? They all said “No, come on, you two are the only ones that know!” I looked at my friend who knew and hugged her, we both started crying on each others shoulders, we told the other but it was hard to speak while crying. They were all freaked! They hadn’t seen the footage but soon would!

Walking down the halls, every one was quiet, it wasn’t the usual crowd that you get a headache from. The bell rang and we sulked to our classes my friend almost had to carry me up the stairs, we walked into the room and the tv was on showing the towers colapsing, I almost ran out of the room but instead sat down. No one would speak, but the looks of terorr on theire faces said enough, after 10 minutes the teacher turned off the tv and everyone started to whisper. He said “If you don’t know those are the WTC buildings, very important buildings to NYC and the USA! They were both hit, as you can see by planes! They aren’t exactly sure who caused these attacks but have been working on finding out ever since. You were probably all still alseep when the planes hit, as it was very early our time!” Everyone’s hands went up and questions were asked such as “Who do think suspect caused this? What importance do the towers have?”

We didn’t do any work in Socials that day, but we continued to watch the tv after our half hour discussion. The rest of the day our teachers had the tvs on and kept explaining what was going on and updating us on what the US government knew and were sharing with the public! I ran home, I couldn’t stand one more minute at school. I got home to my brother and his friend yelling, “DID YOU HEAR WHAT HAPPENED??” I calmly explained to them that the whole world knew what happened and I didn’t want to talk about it anymore! They kept talking about it though, and how it was going to be the start of WW3, I kept telling them it wasn’t WW3, The rest of the night all 4 tvs in the house were on and I satyed up talking to my Best Friend on the phone till about 2am, ofcourse our parents didn’t know, or they wouldn’t of let us! The next few months passed slowly, and all my friends from the US were telling me their stories and a few were talking about how they were near other suspected targets! The day 9/11/01 will never be forgotten and is still fresh in my mind! I can never look at pictures of that day without coming to tears!

A few months ago they showed the special called “9/11” it was best footage and story I have ever heard of that day, I you haven’t seen it i recommend you do! It’s the best teaching source there is out there! Teach your children of this day and never forget the fallen ones. The ones who risked thier lives for thousands and more that day in the planes, the ones who helped divert the plane that crashed in Penn., the people in the pentagon and the towers who helped evacuate the buildings put others first, and the firemen who walk in the line of fire to save and protect all that they could! Most of all the ones who were sacrificed in the buildings and planes that day in part this evil plot. We miss you all, and you never will be forgotten!


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