Emotional Day

Date Submitted: 06/19/2002
Author Info: Decie (Gravel Ridge, AR - USA) 
Occupation: Administrative
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I remember where I was the day the World Trade Towers were destroyed. I worked in a hotel at the time and was checking out osme guests. The television was already on but not centered on the news or anything. My husband called me up and said for me to turn it to NBC and see whats happening. I also had the radio on in the back office but couldnt hear what they were saying. So I turn the channel and before I get a chance to see what was there, he asked if the towers had been hit. I said no thats a movie on but it was too early in the morning. I told him that I’d have to call him back later. As I was watching the tv, a guest that was a usual walked up behind me and asked what I was watching. As I was telling him, things were going crazy. The whole lobby of the hotel started filling up with people wanting to watch what was happening. My heart sank as the towers were being attacked. I didn’t know anyone there but was feeling sympathy for the ones around. The television stayed on the same channel all day long and so did my radio station. Where I am from, they closed down the state buildings, the air bases were off limits and if you lived on base, you weren’t getting on anytime soon. What usually takes me 20 minutes in rush hour traffice to get home took me 1hr and 45 minutes. People were lined up getting gas like there was no tomorrow. Many gas stations jacked up their prices because of what was happening. I finally got home called my husband to let him know I had gotten home ok and then cried. Til this day I still cannot believe what happened. Even though there are tons of pictures, lots of songs being written and played, articles being written, and people who are still coping with the tragedy. I won’t sit and say I know how anyone feels because everyone feels differently. For me it’s not gotten any better. Shortly before this happened, my brother signed up for the army. Now he is stationed in Ft. Stewart GA and his unit has not been deployed for 10 years. I just found out the other day that he will soon be shipping out to either Afghanistan or Kuwait. (Both are bad to me!!) He’s the only brother I have and is only 20 years old. He’s afraid of what will happen when they get there or what he will see. I live 13 hours from him right now and cant help but worry and think about him all the time. What do I do? On top of everything that’s going on, our dad died 5 months and six days after all this happened. I dont think I could stand the stress of losing another person so soon. But then again, there are people out there who are in worse shape than I am. I guess this is just one of those times where everyone has to stick together and finally QUIT all the fighting and HOPEFULLY begin to come to compromises….Anyways, thanks for listening to what I had to say.


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