Date Submitted: 04/26/2002
Author Info: Amanda (Burleson, TX - USA) 
Occupation: Education/Training
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

My husband is in the Army, and at the time we were in Germany when this happened. He was at work and I had the day off, I was at home cleaning the house. At about 6:00 our time which is about 11:00 NY time my husband called and told me to turn on the news something happened in the States but didn’t know any detail. So I did it was all over the American stations as well as German, about five minutes later he called and said all his Battalion went on lock down and dind’t know any more than that. I called our family to let them know we were ok, the family said they had been trying to call for the last two hours and couldn’t get through, all the lines overseas were packed. I called my friend at work to tell her what had happened she didn’t know until then. She was upset both of our husbands work together. After we got off the phone she called me back and asked if I would come and pick her up from work because all American posts were closing and had went to the highest alert, her husband was on lock down and wasn’t allowed to leave as well.When I left my Kaserne to go to our work it was total cayos the roads were congested all the Germans were pulled off the road looking at the Kasernes trying to find out what the hell just went down.

For days I didn’t want to leave the house the world felt so empty I called into work I felt so bad for all the family’s who were affected by this, and I hadn’t see my husband in days. I had two friends who came to the house and we tried to make each other feel better, it was this way for four days and thats a long time when you don’t know if your hubby is going to leave any minute now. He never did but a lot did. Not only our guys from overseas but Canada came over there and SEVERAL OTHERS.

The sad part about a lot of this is that you don’t see the good things on the news. Like over in Germany all they say is how much they hate the USA. But a lot love us. You should have seen all the American Kasernes over there for months after this happened, it would have brought you down to your knees. Flowers upon flowers, candles hundreds litt day and night, German flags and American flags painted on sheets that said We Stand By You America letters that Germans wrote some in English some in German telling us how sorry they were for this tragity. Now keep in mind they did this stuff and took it to the nerest American Instilation around there house and hung it on our fences around our housing areas. German companies had huge American flags hanging from the roofs, German citizens had American flags on flag polls in front of there house. German Taxi cars got together and donated money towards a huge plant to put out infront of one of the Kasernes. That said on a banner we love you and Stand By You America and all the Taxi cars that had bought this there car numbers were on the other side of the banner. And SO much MORE thats just a little description of stuff the Germans did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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