eye opening

Date Submitted: 05/21/2010
Author Info: m (boston, usa) 
Occupation: Accounting/Finance
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was getting ready for work and had the TV on as normal. They were saying a small plane had hit the WTC and I thought how scary that was that I had just visited and had clients in the 98th floor of one of the towers. An old college buddy was sleeping on the couch as I walked out the door. I told him to turn on the TV and watch as it was interesting. I got on the B line trolley and headed into town. 2 minutes later he called to say a 2nd plane had hit on live tv. I wanted to yell to the whole train that we were under attack but really we were 200 miles away so was it really relevant? I got into work and things were almost normal. People were gossiping but not much else. Then we realized that the day was not going to be normal. The market was not going to be open. There were reports of planes being unaccounted for. The planes had left from boston. Would one come back? One hit the Pentagon? should we leave the building? leave downtown? complete uncertainty.


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