Flag falls a Nation Rise’s

Date Submitted: 09/09/2002
Author Info: Cristina (Norwalk, CA - USA) 
Occupation: Professional (Medical, legal, etc.)
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: Yes

My Name is Cristina i’m 33 yr old Proud American. Mother of a 6yr old daughter my life was going well for me and my family,all until that next morning my Life changed forever….

it was sept 10,2001 i was on my computer.. searching the net of Mp3 music files.. it was very late and i stayed up until 2am finaly i went to bed..woke up at 7am (westcoast)California time,as usual i got my kid ready for school and myself ready for work doing my hair and hers in our bathroom.. unaware of what the news was already say’n.. until i recieved a phone call from my mother .. her voice was shakey i noticed it right away.. i asked her ” whats wrong mom?” she replyed.. “Didnt you hear what just happend?” “No?” i said..”what happend?” still get’n ready for work as she says” On THe NEWS! THe US IS GOing to WAR again! my heart paniced my body froze up hear’n that..”what??” what you mean?” she goes on ” Two AirPlanes Attacked the Towers of the Wold Trade Center in New york they crashed there air planes into it and a 3rd one crashed to the Pentigon ”

I froze up hear’n that.. believen world war3 and the end time has come while in my time of life…I closed my eyes hear’n that..then she goes on with more terrible news”Thats Not all.. The Towers Fell both of them fell down to the ground ” hang’d the phone up when i started up my car i cleaned the backwindow being fogged up and i looked to the ground see’n my USA Flag bumbersticker on the ground.. i tilted my head seeing a fallen flag. i picked it up and placed it into my jacket and headed to work not sure of what will happen and liset’n to the news on my car radio for any possible evacuations as the streets will filled with Police cars and mortor cycle Hwy patrol on the freeway on my way to work.. as i walked in to my dept being a medical assistant i work for Kaiser Permanente in california..

all the employees stunned as i was in shock but still we all had a job to do take’n care of patients..later until i had my break looking at the news and seeing for the first time with my eyes on the tv screen in our break room with other co-workers and doctors take’n a break .. my heart beating faster and faster thinkn of all those lives that perished when i saw the pictures of the towers falling down to the ground. we all had tears in our eyes.. and sighed as more pictures came on seeing the plane on purpose crashing into each tower.. (wipes tears as i write this now 1yr later)the next night pass’s with worried thoughts of what next,see’n it was a terrorist attack to the US.. friday came it was a day in prayer as President Bush lead us in our nation of Prayer that friday of week of the attacks..the nation mournes 9/14. another day at work still to do even if we wanted to be back home with our loved ones we still had a job to do as our breathern fallen Firefighters and Policemen and woman our brothers and sisters that perished on that day did as they did their “Jobs”.. at 12pm each to of time zones in the Usa..or the world … we all steped out of our dept and held hands with one another a slient prayer came to the balconey looking down heads down praying for the lost lives .. Not One held a tear back..

Dr.s nurse’s patients all forms of people just holding hands stopped what they were doing even the cars in the parking lot stood still as i heard from a security guard.. my brothers and sisters all sigh and cring could be heard as me and my dept all hug’d each other tightly on how Our lives really mean to be alive and know that its very special never to take forgranted of what Freedoom really means to us..as i went home that friday after church i kept the flag in my jacket the bumbersticker that had fallen on the day of the Attackes on the US Twin Towers world trade center. i placed it on my locker eavery day that i come to work as i open my locker that fallen bumper sticker still hangs there till this day and means soo much to me as i will have it blessed by the cathlolic church how ironic that it fell off my car on that morning on that day. 9/11.. I will NEver forget that day..as my life changed for the best of me perhaps it was a cry out from the world to heaven for a change.

as our Nation was brought back together and the world in believing in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness


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