He will Burn with Hitler

Date Submitted: 08/29/2002
Author Info: Douglas (Fair Lawn, NJ - USA) 
Occupation: Other
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

Well on tue( i think it was tuesday not sure) it started off like every day, first check our spelling home work then it was Religion class. every thing the same as always people yelling….Sister screeming at Peter (my dump class mate) butt then a 8th grader comes in and tells sister to go to the school gym. so sister went there the 8th grader stayed wit us 4 like 15 minutes. any way she comes back in with teers we dident know Y???? after religion it was time to swith to Mrs.Green’s Math class thats when my school mate Tiffany A. left we ask the teacher y she left???? the teacher would not tell us i think wwe have a right know know right!!! then i was told to pack my stuff and go wait with my brother for my mom to pick us up we asked to each other “wat did we do wrong now???” then we ask a diffrent parent who came she told us like a bomp went of at a building or something like that(i gues she didnt know wat ethier yet) so finally my mom came. then she told us wat happended. when we got home we watch it on TV i thought it was some joke that 1 of the tv stations was doing(like in the 1930 that radio show people thought was real…then i thgought it was a movie i dident see yet butt then i turned to ever channel it was the same video over and over again. then i was so scared that my dad was there (cause in 1993 he was in WTC garage then my mom called him she said to come back home and get a something he 4 got) My mom saved my father that year that day so i prayed 4 the familys i fell so bad this is wat i have to say…..if this war goes on 4 14 more years or so i will go to WEST POINT go to school there learn how to kill then i will go to the ROFC then like my 2 grandfather before me to SERVE MY COUNTRY I WILL BE A ARMY OF ONE TO KICK SOME TALIBON ASS AND KILL BIN LADEN THAT SON OF A BITCH!!!


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