Helpless in California

Date Submitted: 08/07/2002
Author Info: Gina (Encino, CA - USA) 
Occupation: Homemaker
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

on 9.11 i was getting ready for work. i always have the tv on while getting ready for work. i don’t sit and watch but listen as i run around. this day, like everyone else was a different situation. i glanced on the tv and seen the two most familiar buildings and one was on fire and also the pentagon. i sat on the edge of the bed not realizing the actually impact this was going to have on me. i tried to get ready for work to leave on time and i kept stopping to see what was happening next. i had to leave and i thought to myself that i would just find a station on the radio to let me know what was happening. i didn’t have to search at all because all the stations were talking about what was going on. when i realized what was going on and the news saying america was under attack i began to feel very confused and looked at the other drivers on the freeway to see how anyone else was reacting. everyone seemed in shock. jaws dropped, hands covering mouths, tears falling. total disbelief. at this time i knew i was pregnant with my first child and i just remember thinking that i wish i wouldn’t have to bring an innocent life into this world. wondering how i would protect him from this hatred. i got to work and just kept looking up at the buildings and still looking around wondering what the hell was happening. i guess it was a numbness. we didn’t even work that day.. we just watched the televison.. contacted our families.. cried and prayed.

as 9.11 comes back around i hope that all are in a peaceful mind and pray that all are in the right mind..
my heart is with all that were affected by this..
love from california


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