Date Submitted: 07/19/2002
Author Info: Terra (Fredericksburg, VA - USA) 
Occupation: Customer Service/Support
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

For some reason that day I turned the TV on as soon as I woke up and i don’t usually do that. Well, as soon as i turned it on I saw the first tower smoking. My boyfriend is a firefighter so I called him in the room to see it. As we were watching the second plane hit. At this point my boyfriend says “This is worse than Oklahoma City” and for some reason it didn’t hit me that this was the worst thing we’ve ever seen in our lives. I still wasn’t scared though. I live in a pretty small town about an hour south of D.C. and I felt pretty safe. That is until the plane hit the Pentagon. My father was working in D.C. at the time and I was scared to death. I have never felt so helpless and childlike as I did that day. It was like I was wondering what was next and just waiting for the whole world to blow up at any second. And I just kept thinking if I’m this scared I can’t imagine how those people in those buildings are feeling right now, knowing they’re going to die at any minute.

Thankfully, I didn’t lose anyone in the attacks but my heart truly goes out to all the families who did lose their loved ones.


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