Horrible feeling i can’t shake off on that day

Date Submitted: 09/10/2002
Author Info: nicolle aka captain (Erie, PA - USA) 
Occupation: Other
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

That day i was senior, i was drawing my portait, i sensed something, it was terrible feelings, that it will bring down the chaos, it has to be some where in US. One Teacher bursted in and talking in sign language to talk to my art teacher, and she went out of the classroom and walk over in the hallway to look at footage of world trade center, my art classmates and i went followed her, to see whats going on, i looked at the north tower was hit, few minutes later, the second plane was crash into south tower before my eyes on the tv, i couldn’t image that like that, my class of 2002 group did went there on top of south tower, back in April 2001, I was planning going up there someday, now my chance is washed away and gone, , well after that second plane crashed, i saw something coming out of the smoke, it was devil came out of the smoke, i was like oh my gosh!, its acts of evil against my country…

my teacher said, we have go back to class and resume the work and turns the cnn channel to see whats up on breaking news, all of sudden after wtc attacks, there was pentagon, was hit too, the bell rangs, i went on my way to second block class for science class, my science teacher tuned in to see whats going on at live feed of NYC (ground zero) and washington dc, so he tries to teach my class and myself.. few min later south tower collapsed,

there was other breaking news on other hijacked enroute to attack the white house, the white house has been evcauated, few min later on it was other breaking news that plane was crashed in somerset, Pa about 80 miles south of Pittsburgh, thats where i attend Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in Pittsburgh.

The north tower was collapsed, i looked at the footage of north tower was collapsed, i was like oh man, i felt bad for all of these victims who lived in nyc, and stars of hollywood and those who perished and survived these attacks of wtc fdny,nypd and port authority and tourists from all over the world.

the bell rangs, it was lunch time, all of the tv was on with closed caption, to see what news says about it, they replayed the footage of plane being plowed into WTC, and fire at pentagon, and peeps being killed…

i was eating my lunch and, thought about them, it was our people, our brothers, sisters….

lunch was done, third block, my history class teacher says, its time for us to go learning center (library) in the reading room to watch the live feeds, i requested my high school princpal to be call my home to let my family know that i’m all right and safe, makes a appt for me to leave, it did i went to my old counselor’s office to call on tty to talk to my parents, my parents were relieved to know that i’m safe and sound… i got done with the phone, my old counselor gave me the hall pass on my way back to the class, after watching the live footage of news, my friends, my classmates been calling their parents all day that day.

final class at fourth block class began, my english teacher still watches, and talks about why they did it, and we discussed about bin laden and stuff.

9/11 tragedy struck Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf so hard, it brings my school together, and Class of 2003 started the International of Fire Fighter Assocation fund, to help them with new equipment, I signed the banner and earn the money to be donated to IFFA,, and walked around the track field by carrying the US Flag, and i was yearbook photgrapher i had to take the snapshots of them and my school had Signshine to perform “God Bless America” in Sign Language, it inspired me to be proud to be American…

May God Bless USA, I’m proud to be American!


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