I didn’t know…..

Date Submitted: 09/11/2011
Author Info: Elizabeth (Conroe, TX - USA) 
Occupation: Customer Service/Support
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was in my sophomore year of college and I was on my way to school. I’m a music person so I was trying to tune to any radio stations that were playing music but every time I turned to one station it was talking about a plane hitting a building. I kept changing it and the same story was on, so I remember just turning the radio off and putting a CD on. I didn’t know this was a serious situation. I was under the impression it was a small plane that hit a building and that was it. I got to school and they had a large television inside the cafeteria area showing the images of the WTC and a large portion of the students who hadn’t gone to class yet. I saw one of my friends and she told me what was going on and as we were watching the images of the first plane, they then showed the camera live and saw the 2nd plane hit the WTC. I was in so much shock. I was scared and thought about all the people inside and just how terrified they must’ve been. 10 yrs later here we are remembering the events. I salute the American Heroes and God Bless America!!


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