I Knelt Down Beside My Bed to Pray…

Date Submitted: 05/30/2002
Author Info: Shelley (Marietta, GA - USA) 
Occupation: Homemaker
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was at home with my 9 month old baby girl on the morning of September 11th. We were, at the time, watching the Disney Channel. My husband called me from his work & asked if I was watching the news – I said no but quickly turned the channel to NBC. I was absolutely shocked at what I was seeing! Tower 1 had just been hit & all I could do was just stand there staring at the TV. I could not believe what had just happened! My heart sank at the thought of all those people who just lost their lives, both in the plane and in the offices. After I hung up with my husband I quickly called my mother and we talked about what was going on. While on the phone, we both witnessed the 2nd plane crashing into Tower 2. At that point, tears were streaming down my face. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was like watching a movie – time seemed to stand still and everything seemed to be in slow motion.

Over the course of the next hour of so, I also witnessed the fall of both towers. My thoughts were “I can’t believe this!” and “all those people!” My mind just couldn’t handle the thought of 1000’s upon 1000’s of people trapped, dying, burning, jumping, or any other tragedy! I knelt down beside my bed to pray…I wasn’t sure what exactly to pray for, but I knew that God was in control and he knew my heart. All I could do was pray for the people that might still be alive and for the victims’ family members. Then I prayed for protection over my family and our nation. I’ve been through several personal tragedies in my life and have lost several loved ones. Although I haven’t lost anyone from 9/11, it is still hard, no matter the situation, to lose someone close to you. Sometimes I wonder why God allows such things to happen…but I try to remember that when I can’t trace God’s hand, I can always trust His heart!


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