I was 5 frikin blocks from it

Date Submitted: 06/17/2002
Author Info: Domingo (New York City, NY - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: Yes
Knew someone who perished?: Yes

I live in an area of southern Manhatten called Tribeca,I live in Tribeca tower which is a 52 floor appartment complex.Ironicly My window faced the twin towers.I live with my girlfreind and I remember waking up to a Gigantic Crash and boom,an unreal boom.I didnt immediately look out the window I actually turned to My girl and said what the F@#$ was that?I turned on the tv before I evan looked becuse our blinds were closed,I went to grab some Cereal becuse I had only an hour to get ready for work.This is where i turned on the TV in the front room and saw the 1rst tower burning,I didn’t know what the hell happened so I just thought it was a bomb,then the TV said it was a plane crash that happened about 7 min ago so i was in shock becuse i first thought it was an accident.I knew about 11 or 12 people who worked there so I was starting to be concerned.My girl is awake and just staring out our window glued to it in shock.I walk over(only 1 tower hit still)as we are standing with our jaws dropped BOOM another F***ing plane slams into the other F***ing building.I could not belive it..about 3 min later i started smelling the smoke and it smelled like burning tires,wood,and bbq which isnt a good combo.My freind Fransisco called me on my phone and just said “man are you seeing this F***ing crazy ass Sh**???I said Im watching with my own eyes.By this time My Girl is dressed and being so close she really didnt want to stay in the building so she wanted to go to my mother in laws house up in Yonkers.I am just still in my sleeping cloths Jaw dropped and just watching it all F***ing happen in front of me then BOOM i hear on the frikin news the pentagon is Hit and Im thinking were having WW3 right here on our land..I honestly was waiting for another city like San Francisco or LA to be attacked and have a west coast attack as well and what i was thinking was that this was all out frikin War.The smoke is now starting to billow into our buildng,We are also on the 37th floor so were up there with a good veiw of this whole crazy ass thing.I had about 3 freinds die in the WTC 2 of which were Washing dishes at the windows of the world Resuraunt my 3rd freind was in the 102nd floor of the first hit tower I later heard that she had got the chance to call her mom and tell her goodbye so it was a very sad time.It took us 5&1/2 hours to get to Yonkers and we stayed there for 3 days before we came back,this is a day that I lost 3 good freinds an unreal day that we should never forget about.


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