I was at the maternity the 11 th September 2001

Date Submitted: 11/29/2014
Author Info: PRUVOST (ECQUES, France) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

My name is Hugo, I’m at school of Therouanne in class of 4 e- 5 and I live in Ecques in France.
In September 2001, I was coming into the world the five September and I had six days. I was still at the maternity hospital of Helfaut with my mother because I was happening prematurely.
Her name is Delphine and she was 23 years old in 2001.
At the maternity, she was resting in a bedroom and she was watching television when she heard the Breaking News. I was in a incubator beside my mother.
My mother was crying by looking shocking and striking images : towers were burning and people were jumping of the windows.
She was calling my father who was working and he wasn’t knowing the news. She was expliciting attacks of the Twin towers in America.
The medical personal were seing the young moms in every bedroom for reassure them. It was the most terrific day for people were confused.
My mother was frightened and she was thinking that attacks will happen in France.
Every year, when my birthday approachs, my family and me think at the tragedy of September 11 th.


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