I was in a bus – coming back home

Date Submitted: 04/16/2014
Author Info: Vincent (Aix-en-Provence - USA) 
Occupation: Accounting/Finance
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

Sept 2001, in the late afternoon for me in France. I was going back home after a normal day at school. A normal day until what I heard in the bus… Normaly, we heard music in this school bus, but this day, it was the “breaking news” about a dramatic event in the US.
It was about planes, twin towers. I didn’t realized at that point.

Arriving to my place, my mother was watching at the TV, crying.
Shocking images of the twins in fire. We spent the whole evening watching the TV, and saw the fall ! This was … I don’t have any word to explain that feeling. I was 17 and I think it was, and it is as of today, the most impressive day of my life.

My first thinking was : how a plane can put down such a big tower. It is impossible. Looks like a controlled demolition. But how ? who ? why ?

Now, I have my own opinion, and I hope we will recognize the thruth by the coming years.

Peace to all of the victims and their families. Peace to all the victims by the wars in Afganistan and Irak. All that for economics interests ? Oil ?


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