I was just a kid

Date Submitted: 09/11/2006
Author Info: Christal (brooklyn, Ny - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: Yes
Knew someone who perished?: No

Just a young girl nearly 8 when my principle came in and I remember him being frantic and calling my teacher out of the class. she came back in crying and tried to tell us what had just happend but couldnt find a way to express it so she turned around for a minute and then told us that some bad people had terrorized our WTCenters. i couldnt believe it because i had visited their restaraunts when i was about 6 and i said in my mind i hope everyone gets out safe because i remember how huge those buildings were. we had a tv in our classroom and we turned it on i got scred and i was worried about my mom because she worked near the wtc buildings. all the cells were down that day and my mom hugged me still crying when she got to tell me how she had to walk across the brooklyn bridge because the subways were down. i was afraid of airplanes flying over from then on.


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