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Date Submitted: 11/24/2007
Author Info: Ryan (Elkridge, MD - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No


I was a little 3rd grader and woke up to a bright and sunny September morning in Maryland. Back then i didnt care much i was a happy little kid wearing a spongebob shirt and kaki shorts and i drank my orange juice and my mom dropped me off at the bus stop. I got to school and walked into Ms Seidmans 3rd grade class at 8;40. We said the pledge and around 8:50 we started an activity talking about positive compliments for others since it was the second week of skool. As i was talking to my friend Casey the teacher from next door Ms Bosserman, came into the room and motioned to speak to Ms Seidman. She walked out of the room and met with her and a kid named Alex noted that 4 other teachers were meeting. Everyone though that they were talking about a fight or something. Then Ms Seidman with a tissue came back into the room and sobbed. Everyone froze and asked her what was wrong.She told us she had herd of the last part of the movie Titanic and she was crying becuz of that. It was accepted by most but I could tell that she was hiding somthing. Now at around 8:55 ET the principal came over the PA and announced that all grades keep their TVs off except 5th grade who would assemble in the pod. Minutes later whe herd an gasp come from the next door 5th grade(prob the second plane hitting on tv) now it was pure hell and teachers were running around and we saw sum kids crying. At 9:20 my mom came and picked me up and told me wat happened then she told me my dad who was scheduled to be near the pentagon stayed home i saw the second tower fall on tv but i didnt think much and not till much later i understand he significance.


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