In the Classroom

Date Submitted: 07/18/2002
Author Info: Ron (Richmond, VA - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

On the day of 9/11 i was in school as most kids my age were. When the news started to get out i was in my high school 20th century class. Another teacher had come in and said “The towers are being hit!”. My teacher, Mr. Marr told everyone to leave your seats because we are going to the nearest T.V. set. Me and my classmates watched in disbelief that the whole situation was really happening live in front of our eyes. When we actually started watching the event unfold live it was about 8:50 or 9:00 AM. Most of my classmates could not believe that this was happening, and most were crying in horror. At the time the principal of my high school released a statement over the PA of the events that were goin on for those that maynot have known at the time. I remember watching the plane hit the second tower in front of my very eyes. It was a very horrifing experience to watch so many innocent people die at that very instant. I started to pray for all those people and their families. I’ll never forget the silence that fell in room as we watched the second plane hit. It seemed as though God himself was walking through the room, total silence. After the attacks were over i remember one of my friends who is muslim, start to apologize. She told my class that she was sorry very sorry for what people of her religion did on that horrific day, and that she loved America very much. We forgave her on the spot because we knew she was grieving too. She was the only person in the class that knew someone that worked in the WTC. On that day i just felt so many feelings, one being anger and hatred for the cowards that commited that heinous act of terrorism. Another feeling was of that of helplessness, not being able to help my fellow Americans in a time of need really made me feel even more angry.


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