It didn’t seem real!

Date Submitted: 12/06/2004
Author Info: Hannah (Reading, UK) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was in year 9 when this happened and i can remember it very clearly. It was about 12 or later UK time when this horrific incident happened. i can remember coming out of my biology lesson when a boy in the upper year shouted to us that America had been attacked, we didnt know what he meant so we just carried on walking to get into lunch.

As we were walking it seemed that there was no one about and normally the school was packed and it was a hot day but no one was outside. then as we walked past the Common room we saw like 50 people huddled around a T.V so we went in and everyone was staring at the T.V with their mouths open. My friend said something like “God, people cheer up its a lovely day” and he started laughing but then he soon stopped as i pointed at the T.V and said F****ing hell!

We then just saw the WTC on fire and people screaming and running around, my friend then realised that it was in New York and she started crying and panicking because her Sister lives there and worked close to the WTC. as we were watching this it became the end of our lunch break and we had to go back to class but we refused to go, then just as the teacher came to get us the WTC callapsed and people screamed and sweared.

It was so surreal, it didnt seem real and my friend (whos sis was in New York) started praying. we became glued to the T.V but then we had to go to our class but no one could concentrate because of this incident.

After school had finished the whole school had to go to the gym while the headmaster explained everything and we then had a 2 min silence for those who sadly hadn’t survived and for those who had lost loved ones. Fortunately my friends sis had survived, as soon as the first plane hit she got out of the area as soon as she could.


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